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here are a few images of some photo-drawings that I'm working on. I've done similar things with black and white photos (see last image), but I think that the color works too. Im interested in the artists Robert Smithson and John Baldessari...especially Smithson's map drawings. Interestingly enough (since I've been into him for a while), the gallery I work at in chelsea has exclusive rights to the Robert Smithson estate. As always, I'm open to critique, etc.




(benner and splinters...I thought you two would appreciate this - I think this one is kind of funny)



here's one of my older works on real photo paper...so you can compare.


I saw that your gallery did a Smithson show a few years ago. Very cool. For some reason, the shapes on these photos remind me of ellsworth kelly and the last picture reminds me of early rauschenberg. Please know that I am mostly full of shit and probably spelled a lot of things wrong in this comment.

these look really great! i think the color is an important move. the juxtaposition between the graphite and the image is more pronounced. with the black and white ones everything was essentially shades of grey, and they weren't quite as good. you should try varying the degree to which the shapes conform to the images (i see some stuff is silhouetted). you could try to make a shape with no reference to the image at all.


yes i agree with kb
the color is working well
especially with the somewhat blurry, seventies style image
and i am glad i made it into your art
celeb style!

keep 'em coming, curls

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