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I have just two more new photo-works to post, as well as some older stuff that I worked more into. I may have ruined the 'delicacy' of the previous forms by reworking them (or at least that's what some of my peers have suggested), but I wasn't really happy with them before. I think that they still need something, though.

works 112

works 114

works 118

These next three are the older works that I am still deciding on what to do with

works 131

works 137

works 123
This one is a detail from a larger piece (not shown)

In other news, this Friday, I'll be working for the opening of a Fred Tomaselli show - I'm super excited to see all the work up. I was unpacking some his new work on tuesday, and they look fantastic. Apparently there's a huge waiting list for Tomaselli's new work (wouldn't that be nice).


woah! i love that first one.

can you tell us more about these forms. how are they chosen? sometimes its obvious about how they fit in - but is it pretty much random?

hey man, i'm gonna email you some samples of stuff i've been working on lately. but i'd just like to say that i think your new color photo w/graphite work looks really good. i'm really interested in the ones with people, especially when they are blurred in motion, i think it contrasts with the graphite really nicely. so anything in motion i guess too...hehe. but yeah i think the bike rider one and the one of wolpa and ben are the more effective ones. um, i also like the painting you have at the bottom right now, the one with the sorta swirling lines: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42005913@N00/255376638/

yep. well, i have to get back now. later

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