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I re-uploaded the photos after working on them for a while...I used a flash this time, but I don't think it photographed as well. At least you can see that they are more polished than last time.

I have a show coming up in 2 weeks, so I’m trying to complete a body of photographs to hang in it. They are actually all still in progress – my goal is to add enough layers of graphite and polish it enough, so that there is no (or at least very little) visible gesture. Some of these are closer to that point than others. My conceptual concern with these is with monuments and groups, removing photographic information and isolating other info. I also really like playing with the perception of space and distance by adding flat, luminous, graphite marks on the photographs….how’s that for a half-assed, ambiguous explanation? So, tell me what you think.

new work 11.26.06 073

new work 11.26.06 060

new work 11.26.06 054

new work 11.26.06 050

new work 11.26.06 038

new work 11.26.06 035

new work 11.26.06 022

new work 11.26.06 014


i like the last two the most. they work really well with incorporating the graphite into the image itself, so you have to question what's actually there and not there. i feel like the first just creates a big space where the eye tends to stagnate, without a real focal point. my eye wants there to be something at the end of the plane, but there's not.

i like the idea a lot, though.

I'm really into these and I think they're a great improvement on your previous work. Fantastic job!

the first one is my personal fav.
it seems to be the most considered
you will have a blockbuster

they look great. i also like the first one the best. it obtrusive, frustrating in a really good. it feels claustraphobic. i'm not as into the isolated people. maybe because it seems like an obvious move when drawing on a photograph.

First, I love the color photographs WAY more than the b&w of last year. The contrast between the color and shiny is excellent. It's like a grim interuption of a happy moment.

Second, I like the SIZE. The "normal size" remind me of vacation pictures or whatnot. (I imagine you probbly wouldn't like that comment, but that's what i think of.) Then, there is this interuption... this 2D thing smack on the 3D space... it's cool.

Third, I think the most intaresting places are where the flat 2D grey interacts with the 3D scene. I am speaking of places where the grey has to evade an object on the photograph, or runs up against it, or envelopes it.

Fourth, I think the best ones are the ones where the shiny grey is unexpected... and the viewer has to figure out the relationship, or lack of relationship, or why the hell it's there. I am not a fan of the last one. It's like drawing a house around the cute artsy people on the lawn. The first three are excellent.

Fifth, I have questions: 1) have you thought about multiple layers on top the photograph? Does graphite only have one type of shine? Or can you contrast different types of shine... say like eggshell vs. satin vs. high gloss?

2) how do you get these pictures? do you use other people's picture? do you take pictures while thinking about grey boxes?

My last comment is to contrast these photos with your work from last year... these seem much more playful, and I think that is due to the color and lack of complexity.

And VERY LASTLY, I think that these photographs would look amazing if mounted by some infamous Nam blocks... :)


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