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I have a crush on them. Here are some artists whose work I really enjoy, appreciate, love, or would otherwise take home with me...

Wihelm Sasnal:
"An artist not distanced from society" whose work is "marked by contemporaneity." His work as described by The Vitamin P fully embraces the contemporary world and his work is "multilayered, complex, but tightly connected" in doing so. His work is comes from a "multitude of sources" and so reflects the complexity and variety of the world. His work does more than reflect the world; Sasnal's painting "affect the reality it depicts, expanding and developing it, while reproducing reality." Sasnal is actively participating in the world he paints and his attitude is identifiable "including clearly critical and political positions."

All quotes from The Vitamin P (288), Phaidon Press, London, 2002. Edited by Valerie Beuvart.

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