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Merlin/Nelie G.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am employed part-time refurbishing wooden sailboats. I have been working for this employer for 2 years now, and the boat has experienced almost no noticeable change. It's too bad I don't have any before and after pictures. Here are two that I took today.

Actually...I haven't worked on this "Merlin" for some time. Instead, I've been working on a different type of sailboat. I've been working on the "Nelie G" for the last month while my boss has been away in FL. I don't really understand the motives of my employer at times...but nor am I complaining about it. I find model building a lot more fun than sanding the underside of a hull. All I know is that the model is an exact replica of an actual ferry that once took cars to Beaver Island (or maybe it was some other isl), and apparently his son once had a cottage/home on the island. So I believe that the model will be a gift to his son upon completion.

This boat is RC-compatible - i.e. if I had a motor and a remote, this thing would actually operate.

From extremely vague instructions and actual to-scale blueprints, I had to cut out every piece from very fragile balsa wood; the keel, all of the frame and chine pieces, and every individual plank.

Plus, each piece is individually sealed with lacquer, painted or dyed, and coated with varnish. I even had to soak many of the pieces in order to get enough bend in them.


wow. i am really impressed by the model!!

do you work on other boats? like does he have clients? or do you just work on the merlin?

Actually, the boats I work on are all his. He currently has three sailboats, but two are finished and are docked up in Boyne - so I only do maintenance work for those. My boss is a retired hobbyist - even if it is me that does the hobbying (I wonder, does that make me the hobby-horse).

how much work do you get?

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