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More Movies

I promised Art School Confidential...and Here I have it, and I Robot, and United 93, and Children of Men.

I would watch it again. It is an OK "teen" movie, with a mini murder mystery "confidential". I think those of you in art, or being educated in art will appreciate the subtle jokes on art, and art teachers. Apparently, we were not the only ones who had flaky profs...

Last Night:
I watched I Robot with Will Smith, United 93, and something else I can't remember...Oh, yeah it was, hmm, I still can not remember. Oh yeah, no wonder, it was Children Of Men.

I Robot: A blockbuster, sci fi, a well muscled Will Smith with bionic arm, a lovely lady friend, and Matrix story line rip off, could this film really go wrong? I suspended disbelief long enough to watch the whole thing...Apart from some terrible moto bike chase scenes the whole thing was solid entertainment. NOTHING more.

United 93
Easily the best film I have seen in the last two weeks. I think only Pan's Labyrinth was better, and it is such a different movie it is hard to compare them. Anyway, if you have not seen United 93, I can recommend it. It is amazingly gripping despite the fact that you KNOW what is going to happen. It is STILL shocking to see the second plane hit the Tower.

Last and Least of All: Children Of Men
There is moral to be learned and shared here, never trust a video store clerk for recommendations. Also, don't take too long choosing because when you leave the store you whole jeep will have been smeared (cleaned) by a crack head...
My feelings on this one are that buying this movie was the most interesting part. Clive Owen who we all remember from the hauntingly real relationship movie Closer is a real disappointment here, he needs to read scripts first before signing up to do garbage. I would suggest new management.

Anyway, the movie. Children of Men is set in a sort of new future Great Britain and anarchical world where humans have not been able to reproduce for 18 years. England is in the process of exporting all illegals and there is a general melancholia about the place. The director fails. He fails to allow for suspension of disbelief and in general allows sub par performances from the entire cast. The main conflict is apparently an "illegal" has managed to become pregnant, and is trying to leave England to have her baby with some "mysterious" Human Project group. But the case for the need of this exit is weak. So weak that movie fails to inspire any sort of sympathy with the plot. The movie is a miserable failure of a movie. With only about 5 seconds of good footage: There is one scene where a deer runs out of an abandoned pre school. Reminded me of Jennifer Steensmaghoog's newer work. The deer and later some sheep marching through the chaos of a battle scene.
This movie fell into WORST MOVIE EVER REALM.

For a second opinion look to the BBC.They explain in more sophisticated terms what is wrong with this movie. I think that this review also points out another director bitch slap...the crying baby stopping the fighting. Ooooh. Is'nt that swell, some deeper meaning...


flaky profs?

is this Children of Men review a joke? did you watch the cheap porno knock-off? do you hate it because many other people love it for many good reasons?

In my book it's locked in dead heat with The Departed as the best movie of 2006.

I hate it because it is a terrible movie. But I will say this: I will watch it again, possibly die doing so, and re evaluate my review.
As far as why other people might like it?

I will say the ending is almost perfect. The protagonist dies, and I got the feeling when girl he has tried so hard to save says "The Boat!" I hoped for that split second that it was the row boat sinking. That would have been perfect.

Anyway, KB, I have also heard of people liking the cinematography, which is another decent Gladiator fight scene inspired camera work. Nothing at all unique or inspiring. What else? The cast? Moore? Various unknown Brits? The score?

As far as The Departed being all that great. I am still processing The Departed but by no means is it the best movie of the last year. Don't believe the hype. Martin should have won for various of his other films. It is perfect however the way Leo beats on Matt. Fitting.

in fairness, i will say that the acting in children of men is the weakest link. i did expect more from clive owen and julianne moore. but i still loved it.

Kevin B is strangely perverse> to even breathe Children of Men in the same sentence as The departed, tells me he must like Antonio in 13th Warrior>

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