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May 29, 2007

Lit Class Drawings

Never underestimate the creative powers of a 15-16 year old... Despite this third year class failing this test (only 6 of 33 passed) there were at least that many good drawings on the test itself, a success.

Without permission here are the best of the lot (in my opinion). All drawings on Letter size, white paper, no gloss, in pencil or ink. Dimensions variable, all cropping done by me.

3a2 Art

May 6, 2007

Belize: An Assortment of Memories

With about two months left till I exit Belize, at least for the summer, the following is a collection of my favorite photos from the past 9 months. I like these for many reasons, few of them for artistic quality. Mostly, these are just the images I like the most, just cause.

The Flag Of Belize

Drinking Is Fun

San Pedro Ambergis Caye

Sun Set
Some Feet
The Lazy Lizard

Leather Hat...Hmmm.

Fly Fishing

Shady Spot

No Wake Zone: Sleepy Time




May 4, 2007

And Knowledge Is Half the Battle

These days as most of you know getting accepted into the school of your dreams is only half the battle. Upon acceptance you must somehow find the cash money to actually pay for what you want: a nightmare. This post is for those of you who are like me, only semi-talented, the diet coke of talented, not quite talented enough to get a "merit" scholarship.

For your money searching pleasure a list of websites where you may or may not find your money.

Big Y Scholarship Program Big Y Foods Inc. http://www.bigy.com/education/y_scholarships.php Active. Deadline Feb 1

Talbot's Womens Scholarship Fund Talbot's http://www1.talbots.com/ Go to website and search "Scholarsgip Fund"

Ronald Reagan Future Leaders Program The Phillips Foundation http://www.thephillipsfoundation.org Pretty Straightforward and easy to find.

Scholarships Jack Kent Cooke Foundation http://www.jackkentcookefoundation.org A variety of Scholarships and Grants available. Easy to navigate

Tony Velonis Memorial Scholarship The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators http://www.sgcd.org For glass and ceramic decorators only.

Student Academy Awards Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences http://www.oscars.org Located on the home page at the bottom in the Directory.

Shaver-hitchings Scholarship Triangle community foundation http://www.trianglecf.org more than one Scholarship. Easy to access info.

The Kodak Scholarship Program Kodak http://www.kodak.com/US/en/motion/education/scholarship.jhtml Scholarships for film and equipment.

Mary Pickford Scholarship (and others) Association of Moving Image Archivists http://www.amianet.org Easy to access info with links to other Fellow/scholarships

The Jonathan Leigh Buck Scholarship. Rox35 Media, Inc. http://www.gospelcom.net/rox35media Broken URL. Scholarship no longer exists (no google results)

The Jacqueline Williams Butler Scholarship Rox35 Media, Inc. http://www.gospelcom.net/rox35media Broken URL. Google result has same broken link.

The Hamil Group/Fashion Icon Scholarship The Hamil Group & Fashion Icon, Inc. http://www.fashion-icon.com/hamilgroup ???? Huh ????

Mike Alesko Design Scholarship Mike Alesko Design Scholarship Fund http://www.madsf.org very straightforward. Direct.

The Gordon Parks photo competition Lucille james Fine Arts Committee and Ford Scott Community College http://www.ftscott.cc.ks.us Under the "annual Community Events" Section of the Homepage.

Alexia Foundation annual photography competition Alexia Foundation For World Peace. http://www.alexiafoundation.org/ For Photo Journalists

Bronica Academic Scholarship Tamron USA, INC. http://www.tamron.com Possibly unavailable, could not find on Tamron Website

College Photographer of the Year The Nation Press Photographers Association http://www.nppa.org Go to "professional Development" then "Students" then "Scholarships" There are Eight Scholarships Total.

Reid Blackburn Scholarship The Nation Press Photographers Association http://www.nppa.org """"

Bob East Scholarship The Nation Press Photographers Association http://www.nppa.org """"

Kit C. King Graduate Scholarship The Nation Press Photographers Association http://www.nppa.org """"

Joseph Ehrenreich Scholarship The Nation Press Photographers Association http://www.nppa.org """"

Jim Marshall Scholarship Leica USA http://www.leica-camera.us/home/ No information on the cholarship could be found

The Alfred G. and Elma M. Scholarship The Alfred G. and Elma M. Scholarship Fund http://www.milotte.org Must be A resident of the State of Washington

Lesbian Leadership Scholarship An uncommon Legacy Foundation http://www.nyu.edu/pages/gsas/files/legacy This link goes directley to a description and contact info

Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Institute of International Education http://www.iie.org Go to Site Search And Browse their Various scholarship Programs

Pastel Society of America Scholarship Competition Pastel Society of America http://www.pastelsocietyofamerica.org Look Under the Main Menu.

Calumet Emerging Photographers Award Friends of Photography http://www.friendsofphotography.org Can't Find it

Scholarship Fund For Art Education John F. and Anna Lee Stacy http://www.cowboyhalloffame.org Couldn't find it w/ Google or anything.

Undergraduate Scholarships The Waterbury Foundation http://www.waterburyfoundation.org All for Undergraduate Study in Connecticut

International Incentive Awards Studio Arts Centers International http://www.saci-florence.org Under Admissions. There Are Some Gender Restrictions.

Study Abroad Scholarships School for Internaitonal Training http://www.sit.edu From Home Page go to Study Abroad and Then To Scholarships

International Scholarships, Minority Scholarships American Institute for Foreign Study http://www.aifs.com not easy to find…Couldn't find it.

Midwest Educational Associates Scholarships Institute of international Education http://www.iie.org Easy to navigate

Student Scholarships International Furnishings and Design Association http://www.ifdaef.org Easy to find, various Sholarships, Some restrictions apply.

Scholarship Program for Art Teachers American Watercolor Society http://www.watercolor-online.com Couldn't find info on Program

A. Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship The national Association of Gifted Children http://www.nagc.org > Home > About NAGC > Awards

The George J. Mitchell Scholarships The US-Ireland Alliance http://www.us-irelandalliance.org easy to find, some restrictions. Read the FAQ.

German Chancellor Scholarships Alexander Von Humboldt Siftung Foundation http://www.avh.de/en/programme/stip_aus/bukarus.htm Direct Link.

Scholarship Competition and MORE! National Alliance for Excellence, Inc. http://www.excellence.org More than one Scholarship. A lot of Scholarships. Too many Scholarships. OMG!!

The Truman Scholarship Foundation Truman Scholarship http://www.truman.gov Mostly for those going into Government and Public Service.

Millenial Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual arts Scholarship Samstag Program http://www.unisa.edu.au/samstag/ For Australian Citizens ONLY

NSS, Lyme Academy of fine arts and pennsylvania Academy of fine Arts National Sculpture Society http://www.nationalsculpture.org for students of figurative or representational sculpture.

Dollar for Scholars Program Citizens' Scholarship Foundation of America http://www.scholarshipamerica.org/dfs/index.php Pretty Straightforward Scholarship Site.

B. Baily III Scholarship Councile on International Educational Exchange http://ciee.org/ go to "Study Abroad" then "Scholarships and Funding"

Teacher Program Fulbright Memorial Fund http://www.gljocomnet.or.jp/fmf This link does not work!

Scholarships for Graduate Education Schepp Foundation http://www.scheppfoundation.org/history.html Direct Link.

Many Scholarships The Humboldt Foundation http://www.humboldt-foundation.de/en/index.htm same as the Von humboldt link above.

Scholarship Program National Federation of the Blind http://www.nfb.org Couldn't find Information on the Site.

Public Service Scholarship Roundtable http://www.theroundtable.com This site is kinda Bunk.

Scholarship for Young Women Third Wave foundation http://www.thirdwavefoundation.org For Women and transgender activists

Scholarship Fashion Group International http://www.fgi.org No results

College Scholarship Program All-ink.com http://www.all-ink.com No results

Programs for Study and Research in Germany German Academic Exchange Service http://www.daad.org Right at the top of the menu!

Poetry and Short Story Scholarship Lets Get Creative http://www.freschinfo.com Not available in 06 but will be in 07

Pietro Secchia Scholarship, GENERAL SCHOLARSHIPS, HENRY SALVATORI SCHOLARSHIP, SONS OF ITALY ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP OSIA http://www.osia.org Various Scholarships but not the Pietro Secchia Scholarship. Others are worth looking into though.

Research Scholarships Wilson International Center for Scholars East European Studies http://www.wwics.si.edu Link is not Available

International Peace Scholarship Fund For Women P.E.O. Sister http://www.peointernational.org other various grants and scholarships available as well

Annual Scholarship Competition Print and graphics Scholarship Foundation http://www.gain.net Follow these Links: Home>Programs & Services>Education>Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation

Ambassadorial Scholarship Competition Rotary international http://www.rotary.org search site for Scholarships. Ambassadorial will pop up.

Scholarships for minorities Chicago Urban League http://www.cul-chicago.org Go to "Our programs>Education>Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Dog Writers' Educational Trust http://www.dwaa.org Must have knowledge of and be into Dogs ad Dog Writing

Scholarship English Speaking Union http://www.english-speakingunion.org At the Bottom of the page; "Scholarships and Exchanges"

Scholarships for Hong Kong Students and more Gov. of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region http://www.info.gov.hk/sfaa/ Various Scholarships for various peoples

Scholarships for Attending Arrowmont Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts http://www.arrowmont.org For Arrowmont Only

Graduate Scholarships Australian Education office http://www.austudies.org no longer exists

Scholarship Programs for interior design students ASID educational foundation http://www.asid.org/asidfoundation/ various Awards, Easy to find

Union League Civic & Arts Fundation Civic and Arts Foundation http://www.ulcc.org/ No longer Available?

HACE Scholarship Hispanic Alliance For Career Enhancement http://www.hace-usa.org under "College" in the main menu.

Scholarships:Minority teachers of Illinois scholarship Program Illinois student assistance commission http://www.collegezone.com/studentzone/416_947.htm A direct and informative link

David A. DeBolt Teacher Shortage Scholarship Illinois Student Assistance Commission http://www.collegezone.com/informationzone/3392_3598.htm A direct and informative link

Illinois Special education teacher tuition waiver program Illinois student alliance commission http://www.collegezone.com/studentzone/416_941.htm A direct and informative link

Minority Scholarship Illinois Consortium for Edicational Opportunity Program http://www.imgip.siu.edu Page has direct link to application

British Marshall Scholarship British Consulate General http://www.marshallscholarship.org Direct Link to Scholarship Website

Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship IIE, National Security Education Program (NSEP) http://www.iie.org Another IIE Scholarship. Maybe we could consolidate these into one link?

Scholarship Membership Program A.R.C. Gallery http://www.arcgallery.org seems to be a lot more than just Scholarship info here. Local: Chicago/Milwaukee

The Raymond Davis Scholarship Society for Imaging Science and Technology http://imaging.org under "Resources" and then "Education". Fairly easy to find.

Study Abroad Scholarship General Federation of Womens Clubs http://www.gfwc.org No specific Scholarships. Some Contests.

Cupulas Scholarship Program CUPULA: Colombianos Unidos Para Una Labor Unida http://www.uchicago.edu/uchi/DEVELOPMENT/ccmi/resource/scholarships.shtml No direct Website but this site has some interesting Info on All kinds of Scholarships:

Foundation Des Estats-Unis Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarships http://www.feusa.org/index.php?page=harriet Direct Link with a dowloadable PDF application

Freida A. Altar Scholarship Freida A. Alter No website couldn't find any info searching through Google

IAEA Scholarship Illinois Art Education Association http://www.ilaea.org/ Under The "Students" menu

International Teacher Education Scholarships Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation http://www.alphadeltakappa.org website has no leads

Gates Cambridge Scholarships Bill and Melinda Gates http://www.gates.scholarships.cam.ac.uk For Cambridge UK only.

AIA/AAF Minority and Disadvantaged Scholarships American institute of Architects/American Architectural Foundation http://www.aia.org folow this path: AIA Home :: Knowledge Communities :: Diversity and the AIA :: Scholarships

Scholarships Jeanette Rankin Foundation http://www.rankinfoundation.org Direct link to the grant foundation Website

Marine Corps Scholarship Fund The Marine Corps http://www.marine-scholars.org For Marines and Families of Marines

National Hispanic Scholarship Fund NHSF http://www.hsf.net/ For Hispanic Students. Direct Link to Home Page

Old Town Chamber Scholarship Old Town Chamber of Commerce No website??????? old town where? Chicago? What Scholarship? This isn't very helpful.

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund for Women International Peace Scholarship Fund for Women http://www.peointernational.org Duplicate info listed in previous section

Lighthouse & Robt. Scripps Graphic Arts Scholarships Scripps Howard Foundation http://foundation.scripps.com/foundation/ Direct to the Foundation Page. Various Scholarships

SNAG Education Endowment Scholarships SNAG Educational Endowment http://www.snagmetalsmith.org Easy to find in Menu

ZoomCulture Scholarships ZoomCulture http://www.zoomculture.com ZoomCulture Shut Down

Sid Richardson Memorial Fund Sid Richardson Memorial Fund http://college.enotes.com/scholarships-loans/sid-richardson-memorial-fund Eligible applicants are children or grandchildren of persons presently employed (or retired) at a Sid Bass/Richardson company or its subsidiaries. (Whatever)

College Student Scholarships~Summer Workshops Peter Valley Craft Education Center http://www.pvcrafts.org Easy to find Scholarships and Residencies

J.A.C.L. Scholarship Japanese American Citizen League http://www.jacl.org/ Under the "Leadership" Menu option

Richard S. Smith & David W. Self Scholarships United Methodist Loans and Scholarships Program http://www.umc.org Searched the Site and found no trace of said Scholarships

NAE Scholarships National Alliance for Excellence http://www.excellence.org All kinds of Scholarships and Grants

Year Abroad Program Kosciuszko Foundation http://www.kosciuszkofoundation.org Easy to find, Direct link.

World Studio Foundation Scholarships World Studio Foundation http://www.worldstudio.org Takes you to home page with Direct Link

$1,000 Scholarship Fieri Chicago http://www.fieri-chicago.org Couldn't find any info.

Native American Scholarship Fund NASF Now called "Catching the Dream" http://www.catchingthedream.org/ Easy, direct link from Homepage to Scholarships and Grants

JACL Scholarship Program http://www.janet.org Found no Scholarships. Ties to Japanese American Citizens League in previous entry

Scholarships Hispanic Designers Inc. (HDI) http://www.hispanicdesigners.org Domain does not exist

Scholarship National association of fashion and accessory Designers http://www.nafad.com Meh, it's no good…

Cay Drachnik Minorities Fund American Art Therapy Association http://www.arttherapy.org Under the "For Students" menu selection

Joel Garcia Memorial Scholarship California Chicano News Media Association http://www.ccnma.org Huge "Resources" section with Scholarship info.

Scholarships International Education Financial Aid http://www.iefa.org Fairly Straightforward