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Belize: An Assortment of Memories

With about two months left till I exit Belize, at least for the summer, the following is a collection of my favorite photos from the past 9 months. I like these for many reasons, few of them for artistic quality. Mostly, these are just the images I like the most, just cause.

The Flag Of Belize

Drinking Is Fun

San Pedro Ambergis Caye

Sun Set
Some Feet
The Lazy Lizard

Leather Hat...Hmmm.

Fly Fishing

Shady Spot

No Wake Zone: Sleepy Time





I need to give props for these photographs.So will you be teaching for another school year? I mean you're a great teacher and I guess students here needs you.

So looks like dread has a fan> nice pics. if this is one of your students u need to work on his grammar a little. Mine too. Some of your photos are really worth while though, impressed


LOL HI!! JOE Welcome back

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