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Summer of Movies and Three Seasons of The Office

I watched too many movies this summer. Most were lame. I watched a lot of the office, in fact, i watched ALL of the office...I recommend the office.


As far as the movies...I watched so many they have all turned into one long stupid movie which I can't remember. But here is the list of the movies I have seen this summer (* for one thumb, ** for two thumbs, no * = worst movie ever) :

Volver *: Slow, well made movie.

Stranger Than Fiction **: Very Good. Is there meaning in there somewhere? Probly.

I Think I Love My Wife: (worst F.ing-movie ever) God damn it Cris Rock, you suck.

House of Sand*: long and boring but pretty to watch, maybe it was about something, i need a job...

Stand By Me* according to VH1 I needed to see this?

Blood Diamond*: Sucked, no wait, I liked it. The ending was retarded.

Wah-Wah* set in Swazi Land? One star for setting---TIA

Tosoti** sp? one of the best movies of my summer...apparently there are gangstars in africa too? who would have know? (directed by a white man, even if he is african)

Children of Men yes I saw it again, and it is still BORING. note: worst movie ever. sorry KB.

Factory Girl**: Sienna Miller is f.ing hot...turns out Andy Warhol is an ass cock.

Capote**: The man can act...

The Pursuit of Happyness**: Two freak-in inspirational stars...Actually this movie makes me feel bad about myself, so I hate it. I HATE GO GETTERS. What the hell is there problem?

Letter From Iwo Jima and The Flags of our Fathers: *** More good stuff from Clint.

Blackout**: Black folks get screwed some more, by white people. (SHHH, it's a secret...)

Murderball**: Parapalygics (sp?) can do it? (THIS WAS SEN SORED, by the SEN SORES.)

Big Love Season One *: get's boring after a while, but sex with three wives? Interesting...O so sinless.

Simpson's Movie*: THOU SHALT DOWNLOAD THE HELL OUT OF THIS. It is just one long simpson episode, some good laughs not worth talking about.

Transformers*: If you expected a good movie your are an idiot, but you went to see it anyway.

Stardust**: Why is no one talking about this movie?

Ocean's 12 and 13** one star each.: 13 is way better than 12.

300!!!!!!!: You must yell the title.

Zodiac: OMG. Soooooooooooo. Long. But I did watch it to the end.

Empire Falls*: the book was better.

Transamerica*: I already knew I was supposed to feel sorry for transsexuals.

Rattatooooy** sp?: Stupid frenchy words. Decent cartoons.

Cars**: Not bad.

British Office**: Funny. Like american office with bad teeth. Characters are not lovable. Of course I am in love with PAM! Pam! Pam!..."you think she's hot now?...you should've seen her when she first got here..."

Eregon*: Yess! Trying to make fun of this movie was hard, it's so good!

Pan's Labyrinth**: Still good the 7th time.

"Days of Glory" (its original title is "Indigenes," i.e., natives)**: the BEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER. Those of you who can read should watch it.

The Illusionist: OMG. What a shitty movie.

Loose Change**: A goodie but oldier.

This may be all??? Can it be? SUMMER WELL SPENT!

(A special thanks to my brother, Josh, who watched all this shit with me) SHOUT OUT!



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