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This was a post I never posted. But in light of the fact that I have not entered a new blog in such a long time I will post this old entry as part of this new entry.

I have been trying to figure out how to get images on here again. I don't want to use flikr or anything similar so I have made a google image album. There are about 40 images here

SAIC_Fall 2007

September 2, 2007

Chicago, IL.
Little Village
From a couch on a borrowed computer.

I moved from Belize on the 4th of July, saw fireworks and lightning over St. Louis and was unemployed. I watched a bunch of movies and now I am in Chicago. Tomorrow will mark the end of week one in Chi-town.

Last week I moved into the Little Village, got orientated, and won a window office. My new office on the 16th floor of 112 S Michigan Ave. is, as I have already been told, probably the best office I will ever have. I mean to post pictures sometime soon...It is really exciting (not inspirational) to see Millennium Park, and The Art Inst. down below, with all the little ants scurrying about and the blue "fake ocean".

SAIC: pronounced: S>A>I>C.
My brother and both did orientations last week. What is curious is that we were both told that you are now "among the elite", sure, but I was also told, "...you are more important to society than doctors...". The president's speech came with an accent (literally) of credibility ie British and he shared some ideas. The best line by far was, "if you are an artist you don't have any choice other than to be an artist."


i already knew i was the elite

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