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Things I'm thinking about...

These are some of the images I am thinking about right now. The first is a drawing I made of the photograph which follows, and the third image is from a larger painting of the rough riders. The fourth image is a different painting above President Bush, as he pleaded for Congress for war funds.

I am thinking of painting a painting of my drawing from of the janjaweed rider and the first image of the rough rider.


I don't know how the above pictures relate to each other. Can you be more specific with your new project Joe? WAR, weapons? Change your theme

Oops I just noticed the picture behind president BUSH

Joe you're a genious

Isn't the theme sort of too obvious? Maybe instead of a horse, a black rhino in a Spanish arena the torero scene with the person in question trying to prevent himself getting gored? or being triumphant like the r rider? while the audience cheers for him or the animal...art needs to be a little intriguing, more subtleties like the Monalisa
'what the rass was she smiling about'

Like "Mom" said
"what the rass was she smiling about". To rephrase this so as to sound more intriguing. "Whe da rass she de smile bout?". Maybe this was what I meant by the theme. Of coarse, I can summon a rational narration of your pictures verbally and precisely. Maybe for me frankness seem not to spun innovation. Or is it me that lack historical or diplomatic background knowledge?

JOE ur fan club is HILARIOUS. I dare u to do a painting with multiple colors and multiple themes. Your George bashing while entertaining is not universaly appealing. Plus it would be good to see a more passionate less angry side to your art. I begin to wonder if you stick to this genre because your afraid, or unmotivated to seek new themes.

Looks like you have a groupie.

JOE, you're a professional self director

Conceivably, Joe has personally confessed his sins. We forgive you JOE. Professional Director is he. Maybe he is still conflicted with his mental, creative and experiential crux.

seriously what de ras you di paint.

leave bush alone. boring. could you paint me a picture of house in the forest with smoke coming out the chimney. please.

LMAO? seriously

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