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Work from this semester...

The following is all my work since August...


these are beautiful, that's all i can say

It looks like you are made some pretty good christmas presents.

Post I need to collocate my opinion over the sentiments you have for your paintings. My judgments can only ground from the degree amount of things i know about you and your personality. Either its you or your mother who said that the theme is sort of too obvious? Are you whooshing it to someone in particular? Well, I allowed things to be brush-offs not understanding the Spanish arena and the torero scene. Anyhow, but then you posted another set of your resent paintings. [Oh, by the way paintings #13 and #14 a donkey, ass, horse whatever it may be standing on a body of water with two legs and a extended prick kindles my potential intuition.]The last four paintings of yours 'the Janjaweed rider' and 'the rough rider' reminds me of your baby picture. ( I guess you know which one I'm talking about) I'm trying to espy connections between the two riders and again from the position of my limited source of knowledge from your ethic background. If the comment was from your mother, then I think the proposition of the arena is coined for you. Again its just my opinion. Since, I know you pine for dissenting and supportive attention. ATTENTION COME TO ME. You come pronounced to your bystanders by using just a few rigorous and intensive colors. (Especially the way you dress) You don't charge yourself with confusion, you either choose to stay or leave. As contradictory it is, the textures of your paintings is as crucial and align to your repulsive and adroit psychological mob. All the pointless things I've mentioned a while ago is just a part of what I feel about Joe's unmotivated behavior to seek a new theme. I understand that you had a rough and vulgar life. Oh! I get it contemporary arts are about visual and voice. So your voice...your voice I'll dig into it.

I'm feeling a close connection with these paintings. Damn!!!!!! I am tired of this mournful harmony. Both mourning and Harmony are suppose to be individuals, but now they have diffused to become one. Now, it's so hard to pull them apart. EVERYONE Start taking counts of the beautiful mornings and the starry nights. Something else will replace the sky very soon. God and will eliminate them to see how we'll do without them by just putting focus on ourself and some kitsch ambitions. I AM SO DEPRESSED!!!
By the way Jordash, its not beautiful

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