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Thinking About Space...

This semester I am taking an MFA seminar course with Dan Devening. This class "Privileging Space" will look at how location, site, and context add "layers of potentially resonant meaning to a work". Near the end of the course the class has also been tasked with creating a "collaborative curatorial project that will result in a public exhibition at devening projects + editions" in June 2008.

This entry is a look at Peter Zumthor. I will list links with a short description of the article. In a second entry I will outline my notes on two articles related to the topic 'space'.

The wikipedia entry for Peter Zumthor
. A good general description of Zumthor, including his "interests" which apparently include good cigars and margaritas.

An article from Royal Academy of Arts. Zumthor is revealed through some fantastic quotes to really live up to his reputation of speaking phenomenologically. The article also does well in describing Zumthor's attitudes toward architecture. My favorite quote is this one on Heidegger: "If I read a crazy guy like Heidegger' - who came from this part of the world - 'he's too much for me but sometimes I read something and do see what he's trying to say. I understand him as trying to look for the essential and not for fashion.'"

Zumthor wrote a book: Thinking Architecture this is a link to a site with some quotes and nice images from that book.

Another short article on Zumthor's practice. From an association of freelance architects "DESSA".

A video.

This is a video of a walk through of Peter Zumthor's Kolumba museum.

This is part two but I could not locate part 1 in English. About ten minutes long. A nice tour of Zumthor's bath house including a short interview.

Well that is all I have time for now but coming soon I will post my notes on Heidegger's "Art and Space".

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