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Thinking About Space...3. Richter's Stained Glass


Another installment of thoughts on SPACE.

The focus today is Richter's stained glass work for the Cologne Cathedral. I will again just add a couple links with a short summary of the article...

I saw this article on WIRED months ago but did not pay to close attention to it. The article is short and does not say much about the window.

This second article from sightandsound.com is longer and more informative about the project and Richter's thought process on the whole thing. The author does make some claims that are seemingly based on anecdotal evidence more than anything else...

An article from artforum.com has some interesting commentary on the religiousness of the work. Interesting considering that Richter stays "neutral" on the topic. This article from artnet.de suggests that Richter's work in this case is evolution in Richter's ideas. A change from "antagonism" to this change of heart. "I'm less antagonistic to 'the holy', to the spiritual experience, these days," he said. "It's part of us, and we need that quality."

Just for good measure a New York Times article...It's good but does not say anything new...

Now some video links.

This video is a personal video of the interior of the cathedral prior to the new Richter window. It is good to see the plain glass window, and to get a sense of the immensity of the cathedral interior and the echoing sounds.

I hoped to find a nice video of the Richter window but could not. So, that's all for now.

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