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Thinking About Space...5. The Proposal

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The last entry was meant to cover this topic but I ran out of steam. I think though that the discussion of site specificity is an important one in my consideration of this project. We were introduced to this topic in a class room. As part of the description of both the class and this project we were asked to read articles, look into Zumthor's Kolumba, Richter's stained glass window at the Cologne Cathedral, and asked to attend a special Saturday edition of glass at D. Devening's studio space and his gallery space Devening Projects + Editions. I have already touched on the articles and the window and museum. So, today I will put down some of my thoughts on the class session.

What is Devening Projects + Editions?

I am sure that Dan has a fancy description of his project space on his website...Instead I will just say the room where our project is to take place is smallish, rectangular, features two types of lighting (flourecent tubes, and bright white track lights). The walls are immaculate except for a remnant of the original space, a wooden beam which protrudes about 5 inches from the rest of the wall effectively breaking the space of the wall to the right.
The space is entered from a single door which faces the far wall.
I will say again here that the project space was introduced to us as part of Dan's art practice. Something like "Yes, I definitely consider curating part of my practice."

So what's the idea?

These days I have been thinking a lot about the internets. More specifically about the "social" role(S) played out on the internet. I have been intrigued by sites like digg or communities like stumble, or flikr, or even facebook. There are several things which are interesting to consider in this case I want to consider youtube.com as a virtual space/site/dwelling. Millions of people around the world across just about every demographic actively use youtube to upload, watch, share, and comment on mostly short videos. Most of the content then is really shitty DIY home video style stuff. But, often the most popular videos are advertisements like the new Indiana Jones movie. So, despite the availability of millions of vids. people still choose to watch an advertisement...Another quite curious thing is wild popularity of the voyeuristic vid. I have seen many videos of "the others" doing curious things...perhaps the most shocking and even disgusting of these vids. are the reaction tapes to the porno clip two girls one cup. The idea that people live out these social situations for the entertainment of everyone is curious. Youtube also serves as an archive for shared social memory in this way. Apart from the tourist vids. of nice places like the Cologne Cathedral youtube is also saving odd social situations. In addition to all these above reasons/ideas youtube also allows the ability to comment. The user comment board is another very odd thing to consider. Why is it that people feel the need to write "first" if they are first to comment? One of the funniest things I have ever heard is news media referring to "Anonymous" commentors or author's as a "terrorist" organization. The comments are hilarious even though it seems more often than not they are just for the LULZ.

My official proposal for the DD space then is to install several (or as many as possible) projections with sounds in the space and on these screens play youtube or other social network style site content on these screens with the following rubric: all content must be produced by someone/anyone from the area of Devening's project space. The content should be shown with the comments, and the ability to comment should also be available in the gallery space.

For some other information on the internets and terms like LULZ and trolling check out the Encyclopedia Dramatica. Keep in mind that everything on that site if meant to offend, but its all for the LULZ. Or just google LULZ. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=lulz&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2


SO? I think you contradict yourself a little too much. Nice observations thou!

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