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Thinking About Space...A Proposal that Worked.

After all the "issues" with this project the class was sent home to cry. Just kidding, D sent us home to reconsider this project. Was the project still worth doing or should we focus our energy on something else. We were assigned to three groups of 3 or 4. Two ideas were produced. The one included here was written by myself, "Pony", and "Squirrel" (I won't include their full names for their privacy). If I get permission from the authors of the other proposal I will try to post it also. Anyway, here it is.

Curatorial Proposal Notes for Devening Projects and Editions

When developing this idea our major considerations were that the final proposal ensure the full group's participation, and that it loosely employed the idea of "space".

The theme we settled on then not only reflects both these considerations but also reflects the context of the project, artists as curators/editors/facilitators a role that is familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously. As artists we make curatorial choices everyday but rarely do we make those decisions for another artist, in this way then we are visiting this role.

Our thinking about the theme of tourism is meant in a very loose sense, in fact we are most interested in related ideas rather than strictly tourism. We described tourism as reflected in our context in the sense of being a stranger in a strange land which is familiar and unfamiliar. In the context of the class we thought of tourism as a modifier of space, sites become compromised, invaded, distorted, infested, interrupted. And as a modifier of self, 'the other', conflict, relational oppositions, transformations, and exoticism.

In providing a conceptual framework for the this show we aimed for a project which when actualized would necessitate the participation of every member of the class. With this aim in mind we have outlined two options, giving no preference to either. The main considerations for both ideas were: How will we get the work? How will we choose the work? How will we show the work? When will this be implemented?


How will we get work?

This is the most flexible area of this project. There is no reason to exclude any method of gathering work. Here are two options we thought of.

1.Gathering work will be accomplished by a open call for submissions, and or, via recon at current BFA show and the later MFA show. Submissions will be made via digital images (emailed).
2. Each person in class is responsible for finding a work that relates to this theme.
3.Use both this methods.


How will we choose the work?

1. All work will considered for it's fulfillment of the theme.
2. We will review all entries as a class and vote by show of hands.

How will we hang the work?

1. Show is 're-curated' or re-hung by teams of 3-4 each week for the duration of the show.

2. Divide space into 11 areas that are as equal as possible. Each person is responsible for presenting their space in relation to the spaces adjacent and opposite, etc to their space.

When will this happen?

1.Proposal/call - send out ASAP

2. Guerrilla studio visits

3. Submissions due by - 4/16

5. Work reviewed as a group in class 4/17 (digital)

6. Work due by ?

Some notes on this proposal.

This write up is what was presented to the class and despite some reservations about the idea of "tourism" the class has pretty much decided that this is the proposal we will work on. Also, most everyone rejected the idea of partitioning the gallery into many smaller spaces. DD also advised that an open call would end in disappointing results.

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