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video links for presenaton on cleaness

forbes uk, new soap "beauty wash"

sexy dove ad

scrubbing bubbles parody ad

action scrubbing bubbles, they do all the work for you.

sweating took over my life, then i found MAXIN antipersperant


paul merton soap advert

hulu video, marge simpson cleaning kitchen

viva paper towel mom and son fight and make mess, soak it up!

food and soap


fabreze ad video



I bet you had fun drawing all the attention you wanted towards yourself. It just gave an extra boost to your self esteem. Thank me that you've got it.

LMAO Indeed I enjoyed a grand laugh over all these humours. Thank you

Do you feel better now?

why the obsession with cleanLEEness?? i don't get it.

CleanLEEness is a virtue

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