March 12, 2007

Epoxy Stage 1

I've decided to begin making paintings again...but I'm trying out a new technique that will employ a substance that I use almost daily in my part-time job - epoxy. Besides acting as a great adhesive and sealant for refurbishing wooden sailboats (my part-time), I imagine that epoxy would be a great medium to work on artistically.

I've done a few trials, and the hope is that my graphite paint will only stick to areas of epoxy that I sand rough. That way, I can determine the texture of my painting by how it is sanded. Also, I'd like to make multiple layers, adding imagery on different layers so to give it the illusion of floating. I was fortunate enough to get to know Fred Tomaselli while I was interning at the James Cohan Gallery. Fred's work has a similar 'floating' effect, and he creates some amazingly beautiful panels by layering pills and other collaged elements in resin.

As it turns out, I'm enormously allergic to this a bit of finesse is needed when I work with it.

Epoxy is rather temperature sensitive. I'm using this electric heater to regulate the temp around 65-70 F, in hopes that the warmth with reduce its viscosity and allow most of the bubbles to escape.

I realize that there is not much to see yet...but I will post more as the project continues

December 5, 2006


I quickly shot some pics of the NYCAMS show entitled INDEX. If anyone's curious about any of the photos (i.e. who's responsible, want better image, etc) let me know.

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September 16, 2006



I saw this in Chelsea the other day and it reminded me of a painting done by this blog's very own dreadcarno - only this one is better....

June 20, 2006

Of Nemeses and Gossipers

Following the recent and unauthorized disposal of some of my artwork, I was reminded of some interesting terminology related to the past 4 years of spoelhof basement fun.

Some definitions provided by for "Nemesis"

"An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome."
"One that inflicts retribution or vengeance."
"Greek Mythology. The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance."