March 13, 2007

Merlin/Nelie G.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am employed part-time refurbishing wooden sailboats. I have been working for this employer for 2 years now, and the boat has experienced almost no noticeable change. It's too bad I don't have any before and after pictures. Here are two that I took today.

Actually...I haven't worked on this "Merlin" for some time. Instead, I've been working on a different type of sailboat. I've been working on the "Nelie G" for the last month while my boss has been away in FL. I don't really understand the motives of my employer at times...but nor am I complaining about it. I find model building a lot more fun than sanding the underside of a hull. All I know is that the model is an exact replica of an actual ferry that once took cars to Beaver Island (or maybe it was some other isl), and apparently his son once had a cottage/home on the island. So I believe that the model will be a gift to his son upon completion.

This boat is RC-compatible - i.e. if I had a motor and a remote, this thing would actually operate.

From extremely vague instructions and actual to-scale blueprints, I had to cut out every piece from very fragile balsa wood; the keel, all of the frame and chine pieces, and every individual plank.

Plus, each piece is individually sealed with lacquer, painted or dyed, and coated with varnish. I even had to soak many of the pieces in order to get enough bend in them.

November 1, 2006


Holloween on 6th ave! My friend dressed up as a milk jug.

September 29, 2006


Here's some new work of mine...its still in progess, but I could really use some feed back. So let me know what you think.






September 12, 2006


Now that I’m set up in my spiffy new new york studio and beginning to produce artwork again, I will (despite my totally inept web skills) try to post my progress regularly. The first thing on this blog agenda is to display my new work space. For the first time ever, my space is illuminated with natural light, as opposed to what I had previously in the cavernous Calvin art dept.

studiopix 008

One of the first things I did when I got here was build this super-heavy-duty table which I use exclusively to bower-buff and polish graphite panels. It’s totally bomb-proof…oh, and it’s made solely from materials that I found on the street the night before trash day.

studiopix 010

One specific project that I am currently working on (and would love feedback from) is from an assignment, themed “public vs. private space.” I came up with a concept, but have had a little difficulty matching it materially. The idea was to take semi-public images that I found on the internet which are of me in what I consider personal circumstances. Since these photos were posted by others, I am powerless to remove them from the internet. I decided to reconstruct the photographs in such a way as to remove any recognizably private content by turning the photo into a contour drawing (via photoshop) printing it off, cutting out segments of the whole and rearranging single lines to create new, abstract shapes. I am beginning to reproduce these shapes on a much larger scale. I guess this is my way of re-publicizing images of my personal-life… after significant alteration. Also, I really like the beautiful quality of these abstract forms; dually because they are derived from something concrete and personal and can be produced systematically. I really just started working on the project, so nothing is near completion, but let me know what you think anyways.

studiopix 013

studiopix 017

Next week (or later this week) I’m starting my internship at the James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea… more about that later.

July 31, 2006

A Work IN Progress

PLease bear with us as we work on a css redesign. Our blog will return to normal soon.

June 26, 2006

Rope shakin' action

Once again, this blogging duo shared an extremely interesting weekend together. Once we figure out how to post photofraphs everything will be far more interesting for everyone else too (I presume). Besides our typical six-pack-plus antics, I pulled down Dreadcarno's hoop in a fatal attempt to resurrect a grave game of HORSE, and we witnessed some classic familial unrest (but I’ll let Dcarno comment more on that). No worries though – the weekend wasn’t all destructive…we made some positive progress rebuilding the backboard. I’ll be able to “post” up on that court in no time…right “D”?

June 19, 2006

First First Timers

This blog is a new joint project, of two recent graduates from the Calvin College Art Basement, representing 50% of the graduating BFA ers.