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Scene: Buying tickets for 9:15 pm showing of 'Batman Begins' at Star Theatre on Alpine

Annie just purchased her ticket. Lee (the short, fully-moustachioed and fully-silly looking, high-pitch voiced worker at the box office) had her prove she was a student with a valid student ID (she pulled out her GVSU and International Student IDs) and prove she was the owner of the credit card by showing her driver license. With four pieces of plastic out, she got her ticket. She walked to the side of me and I said, "Same, please."
"Batman, 9:15, that'll be $7.75."
"Oh, I thought I'd get the student discount."
"You didn't say that."
"Yeah, well, I meant I'd get the exact same as her. Here's my student ID."
"Okay, that'll be $6.50." I handed him my credit card and he immediately asked to see my ID. I handed him my driver license. He swiped my card and examined my license.

"Mm-hmm. Mr. Timmer (he pronounced it TIMER)."
"Yup," I said, wanting to end this. He handed me back my license and my credit card. Then Annie came in.
"You know, Kevin worked here a few years ago."
"Yep, I did."
"Oh. If that's me in two years, I'm worried."

I just walked away. I'm guessing he was trying to be funny. I confirmed with Annie and Mark that the whole thing was nuts. Annie told me that I shouldn't take that and let him know where I'm at in life now, and wave my pay stub in his face, which, for some reason I actually had in my pocket. So yeah, fuck you, Lee. Mm-hmm.

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