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Bay 2, manual transmission, putting in the oil, putting in the oil bay 2

I really hate how naive I am when I get my oil changed (or I'm driving my parents' car and I get the oil changed for them, as is the case...always). The worker read me a list of things that "should" be done/replaced and I said, "Sure, all of it." She then asked, "Would you like me to tell you the prices?" I heard them and said "Gooo! No thanks." I was delighted how helpful she was and that she recognized my inability to do anything adult/car-related. Still, even w/o the filter being changed (which she recommended against) but with "good oil" being used, as my dad would like, I was charged $52 for an oil change.

Give me a break!


my dad or my little sister, anna, usually helps me with mine. they are both wizzes when it comes to this junk.

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