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I don't have a car. In order to borrow my parents' car I had to get picked up by my dad, go with him to the Triangle Bar (on Walker St., the West Side) to meet my mom so they could ride together. While waiting for my mom, another frequent bar patron was quite drunk (5:30pm) and asking for assistance with the internet jukebox. My dad was the 2nd person to help her after another guy did it too fast. She selected $9 worth of Santana. My dad came back near me and his friends and sang, "Whatever Loooola wants. Looooola gets." He then asked someone, "She isn't normally this drunk is she? Good grief."

A little later she sat near us and said to me, "Heeeey. I saw you on TV. You were on my TV. You were in a movie on my TV. I saw you on TV. It was on Lifetime." I was slightly annoyed and a bit embarrassed. My dad started to laugh and she continued. Then he asked, "Oh, I know what movie you're talking about. Was it 'The Good Son'? "Yeah. Yeaaah. That's what he was in. You were on Lifetime." She let out. I found this strange. For one, I find it it odd that my dad knew the movie she was talking about and secondly, do I still resemble babyfaced 12-year-old Elijah Wood?

She continued repeating the "I saw you on TV" business for a while but eventually went into "You're cute. You're a cutie." and "I want to straighten your hair. I'm going to straighten your hair." I told her, "No you're not." And she said, "That's what my daughter said. She has hair just like yours. She wouldn't let me straighten it either." She then left to use the bathroom. Not the one at the bar, but the one at her home nearby. My dad did nothing but laugh at me.

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