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A nerd battle has been won

From wikipedia

English speakers often pronounce "GIF" with either an affricate as in "giraffe" /dʒɪf/ or a plosive as in "gift" /gɪf/. The format's creators are quoted as using an affricate to pronounce the acronym. There is plenty of evidence to suggest this, much of which can be found here. However, many people use the plosive pronunciation in daily conversation. The affricate was used as the developers had a sense of humour "Choosy Developers Choose GIF", making a play on a then-famous commercial for peanut butter. Outside of the English language there are a number of further variants.


so the creators wanted it go sound like "Jif"

British people pronounce my name "An-tony."

Isn't there a rule? Like the "g" in giraffe is pronounced as such because of the double vowel sounds following it? There must be a rule.

Or is it just a matter of choice?


From a site with Elvis stuff

The letter 'g', with very few exceptions, has two sound values - the first as is 'g' followed by 'i', 'e' or 'y' has the sound of 'dj', as in 'imagine' & 'gent'. The second is the sound 'g' as in 'gun' & 'grey'. (The exceptions to the first include the words 'give', 'girl', 'anger', 'eager', 'gear', 'get')

I don't have my

From Texas

(v) Apply flexibly "g before i, e, or y" to decode a letter such as g or j phoneme (letter g usually says its own sound but often borrows j sound if the letter g precedes the letters i, e, or y).

I think it has something to do with Germanic words vs. Romance words. I'll look into the matter more fully.

but as a new word, couldn't it just as easily be an exception. i mean, there are no rules when it comes to a new word right? i'm with the mac users on this one.

Very good point. While we think we have "rules" in English pronunciation, we actually don't at all. And especially with new words can there be exceptions or just something else entirely. It's probably a matter of the first time I heard the word it was pronounced /dʒɪf/ (while I was a PC user). Just like "endive". I first heard that word in French and so I pronounce it the French way (sthg. like /aw(n) dIv/). On top of it all, I just think that pronouncing it /gɪf/ sounds ugly/silly.

I would think that the convention would be set by its company in related fields, i.e. other computer programming acronym-words.

gui - gooey
gif - gif not jif

I don't really care. If the monkey asses who named the file type wanted it to be pronounced in an "exceptional" way then they are just stupid elitists.

one last point.
GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format"

I'm a little weary right now but I can't think of any acronyms in which the letter sound changed to fit the acronym. Althogh, I imagine there are some.

and kevin. I really need to get in touch with you but I keep forgeting why. you should go to the seth show.

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