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Bastille Day

Time to celebrate Bastille Day with 'Night of the Living Dead'. I'm worried that I'm not doing anything meaningful or progressing, growing or learning. I had a list of things I wanted to learn and do this summer and I'm not doing them. I need to make myself care again and do something worthwhile. Sckot is going to start helping me with 'the Timmer' this weekend and I start yoga Saturday morning. This summer I kept thinking of "Oh, as soon as this happens, I can do that". Everything always always happen{s/ed} in the future. I hate quoting movies, but in Glengarry Glen Ross Pacino says,

"What I'm saying, what is our life? Our life is loking forward or it's looking back. That's it. That's our life. Where's the moment?"

And I need to remember that. Sorry for the lameness.


But you didn't go to the movie.

Yeah, I was going to go, but plans changed quickly. How was it?

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