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For the children of bloggers

Would you

c)Be neutral about

your children maintaining a weblog?

I think I'd be neutral. And I was thinking the other day about what technologies or web phenomena will my children (or just future generations in general) be into that I won't know about. There's friendster, livejournal, facebook, etc. How would old people know about these things? They wouldn't even know where to look. But I think that's best. But I don't want to be unhip. I'm going to be a square adult no matter how hard I try.


Well, when faced with parenting dillemas(sp?), I try to think about bill cosby. Cliff Huxtable, rather.

I think that as long as you teach your kids the value of discretion, they will be cogent in their publishing.

I would hope that I would set a good example, teach good lessons and my children would have earned enough respect from me to be trusted.

But, honsetly, my kids are going to be robots anyway. If they act up, I'll just reprogram them to googlebomb my picture to the top results for cool phrases like "Mr. Wizard."

Discretion and moderation are both very key, I agree. As dorky as it sounds, I've met more people (in the real world even) because of the internet and my blog. And I'm happy about that. I'd encourage my kid(s) to expand their horizons and meet new people (to a point of course...) and try new things. In the future people will probably be publishing their thoughts and video memories directly from their brains anyway.

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