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My celly

After a kickball game nearly two months ago, I lost my cell phone. I didn't mind much. I'd had a phone for less than a year and hated how tied to it I became. (I often spoke against cell phones before getting one)

Not long after losing it I ordered a replacement/upgrade from The guy I bought it from told me that I was really lucky: he put $40 worth of ringtones, backgrounds and games on it. When it came I learned that I needed to get a SIM card as well. I ordered one on ebay for $0.25 and it never came.

A few weeks later I ordered another one, and I didn't see it for a while. I reported the first problem to ebay/paypal and have heard nothing since. Convinced that I'd been screwed again I sent a threatening e-mail to the 2nd person and he promptly sent it out and I received it yesterday.

I put it in and called Nextel. (My parents are on a plan w/ my dad's work and they pay for my service, which is something like $7/month) They were prompt in switching my information and I was excited to start...ignoring calls again. I spent 45 minutes deleting the 150+ contacts the former SIM card owner forgot to delete (including British Bob, even) and explored the many features of the cellphone I couldn't before (it prompted me to insert a SIM card before it allowed any other activity).

My favorite ringtones:
· LikeAPimp
· MagicStick
· P.I.M.P.
· BigPimpin1
· Playboy

My favorite wallpapers:
· "3 asses" featuring three nude women, arm in arm, facing away from the camera
· "65" featuring that image from Scarface
· "christina1" features Christina Aguilera on a shore with her arm covering her bare chest
· "21" displays the word 'PIMP' in big red letters

So, I am now officially a pimp. I have a pimp ringtone and a pimp background. (Neither is true: I have it on vibrate with "3 asses" as my background)

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