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Sugar or Salt?

I've noticed my sweet tooth diminishing. I've never been a big eater of sugary candies or anything. (Now don't get me wrong, I've always loved candy.) But I've noticed that I'm less inclined to get sweet treats. I find myself craving chips more than cookies. I want vegetables over fruits. What is this? When I get a sub from Subway it's almost always decorated with pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, salt & pepper, and vinegar. Not out of the ordinary, but together that's a bit extreme. But I love it!

Is this growing up? I know people's taste changes and matures, but it's kind of weird. And is one better than the other, salt over sugar? I wish salty foods provided the energy buzz sugary ones did. Then I'd be in heaven. Heart disease heaven.


salt gets a bad rap when really, it should only be closely watched by people who already have high blood pressure since it causes water retention, therefore worsening hypertension. but you, healthy young man, can pour on the salt.

Kevin, I'd like to point your attention to this article:

Its about bloggers in China. Thats not the interesting point though. What is is the part where they talk about how some of the bloggers were being syndicated oon a site called BlogChina without their being told or asked, which is now illegal and in violation of copyright.

This reminds me of this thing you and I were talking about dealing with GR Now syndicating the actual feeds of GR Blogs on their page. The similarities lead me to only one conclusion...GR Now is a network of communist spies for the Chinese government! :)

Good to hear, I loooove salt.

That's insane Jon. I'll alert Georges. He considered preventing them from even accessing g-rad somehow.

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