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"The best car in the world"

In the bathroom yesterday I noticed the toilet paper dispenser in disarray. The lock was off, rolls of toilet paper were on the ground and the bar was hanging down. With the bar and toilet paper out of the way I noticed that the company that made it was

Justin and I speculated on the name. It looks like they've been in business a while and are quite proud of their name-reversal, though it might be coincidental. Justin's convinced they started out making dispensers and branched out from that. Classy.


we had those in calder as well, and a subject of some interest to me. much better than 'the koehler', royce rolls offer clean, reliable performance everytime.

what's more, the padlock is no longer securing the bar in place, but instead a flimsy pin. (the fault of custodial staff, not RR, to be sure) however, for those of us needing free toilet paper, it's a welcome misstep.

the janitors at spectrum health who clean the bathrooms wheel around carts made by royce rolls. i imagine this makes them even happier to be janitors... knowing they'll never ever ever drive a real rolls royce and being reminded that they get the opposite of that every single day.

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