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Hot Boyz

Last Wednesday Mark and I were trying to find the bar to go to on Wednesdays. We weren't sure when to leave, but when the power went out we knew it was time. We rode our bikes to Bull's Head and felt out of place. We considered Mojo's and laughed, going to Gardella's where we missed the 1/2 off drinks until 11 by 20 minutes. Finally we ended the night at Drink, on a non-Jef Leppard night. It was hip-hop/open mic and was pretty good. We felt out of place, but sat on a couch against the wall. A few minutes later a large, out of place woman looking like she's homeless stood near us, talking to a man in a redshirt. They talked, looked at us, and at the couch and Mark knew what was coming, saying something like, "Don't let this happen. This can't be happening."

The man in the red shirt came over to us and asked, "Is it okay with you guys if she sits down right there?" There wasn't a lot of room, so he was asking if we'd move down a little. "Yeah, not a problem," we said. She sat to my left and the man said, "Thank you so much, it means a lot." We noticed he was wearing a lanyard or two, including one with a photo ID, and his shirt said God's Kitchen on it. We didn't quite understand. Here was a man from God's Kitchen escorting a big homeless woman to a bar? If she behaved for a month she'd get to drink? What was this program?

Later we saw him drinking and dancing a lot. He was really into it. Why had he ditched his charge? Was he allowed to drink while doing this assignment? Then he started walking around, taking peoples' empty glasses and bottles to the bar. Was he working for the bar? No. He was drinking too. One person we asked, who danced with him and ended up talking to Mark a bit about New Order, guessed that he was a volunteer of some kind. What programs offer volunteering at a bar though? Are we insane? What was going on?


i really love that song.

actually, as she approached i had a thought, then as she sat down next to you i said, "that's exactly what i hoped would happen."

are you talking about the dear nora/casiotone song, george? if so, i like it a lot too.

yes! i love that song. i'm not george, but that's what i was referring to.

Bullshead is very fancy shmancy but it's a nice place, fantastic food, and hot waitstaff. Personally I think eastown and michigan street rock for low key fun bars.

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