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Roc A Fella

While riding the Rapid between GR and Allendale the other day I sat behind an old man interrupting a conversation between two women. He asked about the Family Fare on Lake Michigan Drive and to have them let him know when it was coming up. Every so often he'd butt into their conversation and give some old man comment.

"Who the hell's gonna' buy that?" Rockefeller's illegitimate child?" (On increasing prices of property in the Ann Arbor area)

"Do they have a crawling track?" (On his age and inability to use the indoor [running] track at the new YMCA downtown)

The women forgot to remind him of the Family Fare approaching so I secretly pulled the wire to stop the bus there and it got their attention. He got off the bus, thanked the women and went to Family Fare. They laughed about something as soon as he got off.


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