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Bills, Bills, Bills (Can you pay my)

I consolidated my loans this summer before the great interest rate hike and haven't done anything with them since. It's been nice not having to worry about homework since I've graduated, but now I worry about money. I made a budget this summer, fantasizing about what I'd do with all my cash from my new job. I made plans for a tesla coil (Mark's recommendation), skydiving, a theremin, bar-tending classes and maintaining a space-age ant farm (I have the farm, I just need the ants). And, as evidenced by these dreams, I should worry about money.

The budget alloted money for these follies, my GVSU student loan, my Powerbook student loan, groceries, alcohol [from the bar, from the store], clothes [one outfit per week], concerts, CDs, "mad money" and saving for my trip to Europe next summer. Conceivably, I'd be able to save thousands. But this summer proved to be lots of money spent on little. Tom suggested I take a domestic management class.

I made my first student loan payment for GVSU today. I'd been terrified that I'd missed a payment and the interest would start to accumulate. I was worried my credit would look bad (I took a little while on a phone bill or two, my powerbook loan is coming along nicely, but I skipped a few payments there) and I'd be turned away from...something. Come to think of it, whatever I'd be turned away from I don't want or want to be a part of anyway. But I was worried. Now, however, I made a very large payment and by my calculations I have only 28 payments of the same size left (but in reality will turn out to be about 180 more [13 years]). I finally feel responsible, adult-like and ready to spend money on frivolous things with no guilt.


Issue #3 of Grand Royal Magazine has instructions for building a theremin. One of my friends used to have all the GR mags but they are pretty hard to get these days (and my friend doesn't kive in GR anymore). You might bea ble to find instructions on the internet.

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