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I'm not wearing any pants

I think I now finally get Degrassi. It took me a while, but now I'm hooked. In junior high kids taking "Life Skills" class got to watch the original series and they would always talk about the show and it sounded completely stupid. Now I'm tempted to watch the old series, but am afraid it would somehow ruin TNG.

Something our house, Matt, etc. have commented on is the show's great use of background. They always have the most amusing, yet unobtrusive things happening behind the actors. On the walk into the dance on the Girls Just Wanna Have fun episode, you see some kid getting slapped.

On White Wedding part 2, we see JT and Toby trying to get into Snake's bachelor party and behind them a man is pulling a parking ticket off his car and speaking angrily on his cell phone.

On Careless Whisper, Kendra is upset by Toby's smothering, but didn't mean to hurt his feelings. The guy in the background is just lounging, looking at his homework, dude.


I know a place in Lansing that has the a boxed set of the original series.
I am going to EL today if you want me to scoop it. You'd have to reimburse me though. Call me if you want it.

holy shit. i am wearing that shirt in the middle picture right now. the one withe palm trees. it says mirage on it.

i combined the words with and the into withe... i do that sometimes.

In 8th Grade my brother and I were super into the old Degrassi, it would come on everyday around 4:30. Right before Jon-o-vision. My friends and I made Zit Remedy shirts with Microsoft Word WordArt. We thought we were so cool and hip.

do you still ahve these wordart shirts? they would be so rad.

Sadly, I do not have the wordart shirts. They had Microsoft Clip Art too, it was a guy dancing with headphones.

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