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Free form

I have been having trouble with g-rad. I tried posting something the other day- it was really just a copy & paste from livejournal- but it would not post. It refused. I addressed the issue with George and it worked for him several times, even while logged in as me. But it won't work for me on any computer, be it a Mac, PC, using Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. I just can't copy and paste an entry into here. And I thought it was really good too. It was about how much I love the fall and all this other sappy bs. But liked it. But g-rad didn't. G-rad told me no. G-rad told George to tell me no. No told me to tell g-rad, "George!". Alas, I am now trying to write a long post of original material to do a test for George. Let's hope this works.

Will this work? What is the issue with this? George tells me that he, Tom and James have all posted long-ish stuff. But why won't mine go? Am I frowned upon? Are there questionable words in my post? Is George lying to me? Should I leave? I don't know. I just want this to work and to keep on blogging. Because of this predicament I have momentarily retired from blogging. I decided that if I can't post my entry entitled "pumpkin pies and early nights", then I shall neither create new entries nor post comments. Well, I did post a few comments, but not as many as I should have. I lost faith in g-rad.

And why would I lose faith in g-rad? How selfish of me. How selfish of me that I've been treating g-rad so poorly. I don't comment on blogs, I rarely comment in the forum, I never moderate and I don't read enough. To be honest, I'm intimidated. What do I do? What's good enough for 'g-rad'? George says post everything He wants content! I keep referring to George when I talk about g-rad. Is that fair to Ben and the other founding fathers/mothers of g-rad? What about Jane's art? The lovely squirrel that docbeezy hated so much? She deserves as much respect as the blog her squirrels adorn. And yet I cite fear, anxiety and nervousness for my reasons in not blogging. Shame on me.



don't lose faith or hope yet, it worked!

don't lose faith or hope yet, it worked!

why did it double post?

Things have triple and double posted for me as well. Dont know why.

I didnt hat the Squirrel SOO much. (just a little much)

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