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pumpkin pies and early nights

It's really hard for me, but I think I'm warming up to Autumn. I've
always loved Summer for all the reasons I guess I should hate it. I
sweat too much. I never get the chance to go outside when it's nice.
I don't actually enjoy summertime recreation. Perhaps I've just always
associated Summer with no school, being able to wear shorts every day
without being mocked and a different girlfriend every July. Now Summer
represents the unattainable: this warm, perfect life where everyone
always has free time and is in love. I also hate the cold a lot. A
lot. I might have just always loved Summer because it's so opposite of

Now, it's officially Autumn. We've been granted a reprieve and have
had a few extra weeks of warmth, but when the wind blows it now has a
chill to it. That chill and when leaves start to fall define Autumn
for me. And it is at that time that people wear sweaters, more
long-sleeved shirts and jackets. This is the first time that I've been
ever been able to make the switch and get "fall clothes". I won't have
to rely on haphazard outfits of long-sleeved Billabong shirts I bought in
Australia 5 1/2 years ago under concert t-shirts from a decade ago. I
now have collared and buttoned shirts, sweaters, jackets, dignity. Now
that I'm "prepared for Autumn", I might actually get to enjoy it, with
all its cool breezes, new films and my favorite holiday: Halloween.

Maybe with this change of seasons I can also shake off this monumental
uneasiness about everything I've been feeling. So, welcome home,


Where you in Mak on the allendale campus around 6?

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