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shoot me

I found the one flaw in Pig Latin. Actually, I noticed it years ago but always knew that should I mention it to anyone, I would waste their time. Between 13 and 16 when I started getting interested in language, I would say something aloud, and then imagine how it would be said in Pig Latin. Later this turned to me translating songs on the radio and advertisements in the little French I knew. It was ridiculous, unproductive and incredibly fun.

The line in "Brick" by Ben Folds Five
She's a brick and she's drowning slowly
Elle est une pierre et ne peut pas nager
lit.: She is a stone and can't swim

One day, while taking a sip from a drinking fountain at school, I found a word that destroys the perfect logic of Pig Latin.

This company, Elkay, obviously hadn't constructed their name out of Pig Latin. But if one were in a Pig Latin speaking world, I would have difficulty in knowing the origin of this word. Would it have been "Elk" or "Kel"? This bothered me. It still bothers me. Every time I see a drinking fountain (almost all are made by this company) I think of this. And I'm not sure if I'm more mad that I can't solve this or that I still think of this.


I might have misred this but what is the flaw?
is it "shoot me" or is it "elkay?"

Is it just words that already end in "ay?"

single syllable words that begin with a vowel and end with a consonant.

ant or tan

art or tar

wikipedia says that some people add "-way" instead of "ay". i hate that, but it probably creates less confusion. wait. maybe not.

bang bang.

if you would like to stop thinking about drinking fountains you coud find out whose job it is to make the fake yellow lines for the viewers who are watching nfl football games on tv. I think that might take the bite of your craziness.

I think the "conjugation" of single syllable words into pig latin depend on which version of pig latin you use. I know there's one where you just add "-ay" to everything and there's another where you add the first letter of the word to the "-ay"
ex: sink, inksay or sinkay.
at least that was how it was like when I was growing up.

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