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GV Magazine Loser

Grand Valley magazine interviewed me as a recent GVSU graduate with a job in the summer. I forgot all the embarrassing things I told them and am surprised they painted me as such a loser in this article!

Although he's not currently with a girlfriend, Kevin Timmer will stay in Grand Rapids and continue working at Grand Valley as interim director of the Language Resource Center. While he's happy to have a full-time job that interests him, Timmer said it leaves him feeling a little like George Bailey, the character Jimmy Stewart played in It's a Wonderful Life.

"I've been pretty much wrapped up in the language lab all throughout college," said Timmer, a French language graduate. "It's kind of been a blessing and a curse." Bailey never left Bedford Falls, but Timmer plans to leave Grand Rapids. He wants to move to France next year to teach English classes.


While graduating from college caused Timmer's dating pool to "dry up," he said he's enjoying his freedom. And, well, not having a car causes problems when you have to pick up your date. He had planned to buy a car over the summer, but Timmer said he wants to concentrate on getting a good start on student loan payments.

As a graduate who owes $20,000 in student loans, Timmer joins a large club. More than 40 percent of U.S. college students owe more than $20,000 in student loans, according to the New York Public Interest Group's Higher Education Project.

To save money, Timmer lives with friends in a downtown Grand Rapids apartment


wow. I was looking at the GV magazine this weekend. I can't beleive I missed that.

It seems like they were stretching for things to write about. Why would they keep mentioning your lack of girlfriend?

Hey man, if it makes you feel any better. Louie the Laker hasn't had a date since the filed house was a dome.

This will be hilarious in like 15 years.

She met Joshua, a nursing major who graduated in August, shortly after enrolling at Grand Valley in 2000. They married, she said, "because we are both strong Christians and wanted to stick to our Christian beliefs."

Translation: "We think we want to have sex but we feel guilty so, why not just get married?"

This article is pretty dumb.

Ah, Grand Valley.

Hah! It sounds like it was written by an ex. That's so bizarre.

wow. a bitter, harpy ex.

this is the finest article written about you yet.

i think, though, who better to know that you are chronically single and carless than the gvsu alumni community and donor pool. maybe this will help you get some dates/sponserhip. george peppard style.


yeah, i want them donors to know their money's going to a loser recent-graduate instead of an expert. maybe they'll fire me? when i find this in print, i'm putting it in my time capsule.

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