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Free show!

This morning I walked to the bus stop across from my house and heard someone shouting. I quickly realized it was just a man listening to a CD player singing along and waiting for the bus. I stood near the stop and we acknowledged each other and he continued singing/rapping/shouting. Loud, though. Really loud. Every so often it would sound like he was forgetting lyrics, but then I wondered if he was actually free-styling, especially when the bus came by and he said:

"Aww shit, here comes the bus,
Came so early, now it's time to bust."

He took off his headphones and we talked about the bus actually being on time and he got on and we both sat down. I sat there wondering if he would continue rapping in front of all these people. Sure enough, he started with:

"I got my own show on FOX.
Y'all blinded by my watch."

And other peoples' heads turned, so I didn't feel so uptight about thinking it was odd with him rapping so loud in public. Someone across from me rolled his eyes and said, almost inaudibly, "Clown."


MC Clown in GR? Wow! Did you get an autograph?
I didn't even realize his TV show had been greenlighted yet.

I've seen several rappers on the bus. I always wonder if they are freestyling too. Sometimes I can hear the music and identify it but the rappers are usually listening to some really wack rap-du-jour.

I really want to do a hip hop project with an MC...if anyone knows one, hook me up. Together we'll create one of the best hip hop albums of all time.

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