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For Halloween I really wanted to be a Transformer. A Transformer who turns into a chair (recliner preferably). A trip to Salvation Army with Matt and Mark proved that I couldn't do it. They suggested I cave in and go as Frodo. Working at Star Theatre when Lord of the Rings came out was torture. And I just don't think Elijah Wood is that great an actor. Still, I caved. In Sin City Elijah Wood plays Kevin, a nearly-mute sociopath who resides at "The Farm", kills women, and cannibalizes their remains. He then gives the remains to his pet wolf.

Mickey Finn and Marisa were in town and joined Tom, Mark, Matty and me (wsg. Rae, Morgan, Joel) in moving from place to place.

"America? Never heard of it." Matt's a miner with a pink slip.

Mark was, well, you know...

Tom was Twiggy on Friday, and an axe-wielding, roller skating, 70s porn star. No photos of rollerboy turned out (yet!).

Matty was the ever-topical Roy Horn, being mauled by Mantecore...two years ago.

Marisa = French

At Anne and Katy's we saw Greg and Lindsey

Morgan, as Jacques Cousteau, searching for sexy sea creatures.

In a surprise move, Alex went without a shirt, being a Chippendale's dancer.

Katy and Anne danced as Corpse Bride and Tank Girl.

And then made a move for Greg.

Joel won $50 at Diversions for his $30 poodle costume.

I made a vow to punch anyone dressed as Napoleon Dynamite. I'm a coward.

This guy claims he was Hugh Hefner. From the back, he was Dudley Do-Right.

Josh as Becky, or vice versa.

Becky as Hobo Batman.

She never spoke!

Jon as Washedup Superman

Katie was Ruth Bader-Ginsberg (or something), and Elizabeth hid in an attic

Ricky as Michael Moore, asking to enlist your son in the military

Just what the miner needed

Refugees giving advice


West Coast Geisha and company

Courtney Love, but not insane

Get off of there

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the DAAC for the Broze Own show. I'm a little pissed at myself. I suspected my absence was the reason for Georges's being mute and strangling me.

Rachel, indulging

Justin, Big Bad Grandma to Mael's Li'l Red Riding Hood

Soccer Coach and Miner are pro-union

ET & Elliot

Bobby Birdman and E*Rock (looking at her ass!)

...Meanwhile, at 80s Night

And to end Saturday night, George silently strangled me.

(any others?)


dude... not makeing it to the broze own show is about the lamest thing that a lot of people didn't do saturday night. are people in grand rapids really that lame? come on! it totally rocked!! i can't afford to promote shows anymore now... totally lame of peoples.

Josh Looks like his sister.

Does this make it two consecutive years of someone dressing up as a jewish icon/sterotype?

Aeriel(sp?) (who is being gawked at) said she was Jackie O but she was clearly Madeline.

I am proud to call those Mooninites friends. Perfect!

I would really like to follow John & Yoko around and document what a day would be like if they just walked around GR doing regular stuff. I think it would just be Lindsey getting hit on and Greg getting strange looks.

I feel kind of left out, so here is a link to my tupactopus costume.

sorry the link isn't live.

yeah, i was going back and forth between the two places and we didn't get there until late and ah, i forgot to take more pictures there. it was a really strange weekend.

james, i genuinely feel horrible for not going. i am kicking myself for not going. my friend matt was in town from new york and we were all off doing a million things all weekend and it just didn't work. seeing your entry and hearing about it from others makes me really regret not going.

anthony, thug life aquatic was brilliant. i'm mad at how simple my costume was.

Does SoccerBoy work at Grand Valley

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