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Just another stolen bike...

I started to feel sick again last night. It quickly intensified after work. I went to Meijer with Tom and began to feel my throat constrict and just didn't feel like walking. I briefly napped then went to bed w/ a healthy dose of Mark's Robitussin. I took more in the morning and felt great (and a bit comfortably out of it all day). I bid Tom farewell and went downstairs, secretly taking his bike because I just missed the bus and I left mine downtown a week and a half ago.

I quietly lifted the bike out and pushed it down the sidewalk and as soon as I mounted it, I looked into the circle window in the stairway and saw Tom looking at me as he came down to get into his car and go to work. I pedaled quickly to get out of his sight and soon felt my phone vibrate. I just pedaled harder toward work.

I was sure his call wasn't to berate me for "stealing" his bike, but to mention that he had the key to the lock on it and share his concern for the bike's 'safety'. Still, it was amusing to me to think that I was stealing his bike and that I was caught and he was angry. The whole ride to work I continually spit up mouthfuls of phlegm. I considered it karma for taking his bike. It was disgusting, regardless.

The traffic lights were changing in my favor and I was quickly approaching the downtown bus stop to take me to Allendale. I didn't need Tom's lock. My bike was still down there and I could just lock them both up together and take Tom's bike home tonight and come get my bike another time.

The bus was at the stop and I hurried to lock it up and get on. But my bike wasn't there. I kept looking, but didn't see it. So I put Tom's bike on the front of the bus and decided to leave it in my office like a few professors do. I called Public Safety and asked if they may have removed my bike for being considered "abandoned" and they told me I should come down and fill out a report for a stolen bike.

This makes the 2nd bike I've had stolen from that bike rack. And this same bike had its tires stolen once before. Either the rack is cursed, or people case it and steal bikes they've seen left there for a while. Now I think I'll offer Tom some money to rent his bike for the rest of the year.


damn man. Did they break through the locks?
I always worry about leaving my bike there overnight.

they must've. i won't leave a bike there anymore. from now on i'll take them with me to allendale.


I was riding my bike to school just now and I had to stop by the museum to drop something off.
What should I see drive past me but a GRPD truck nearly overflowing with bikes!

Where would the police get all these bikes?
Where do they store them?

If they don't have your bike, at least they must have some cheap bikes you could buy. We should loook into this.

Sorry to hear about your bike.

I've had two bikes stolen from me since I moved to GR. One was locked up, one was so crappy, I left in on the porch figuring no one would want to touch it. Neither had brakes to speak of, I hope they crashed into a truck. Evil bike theives! Erg. Oh but also in the eastown/wealthy theater district/heritage hills I always see this guy driving around with an old truck full, I mean full of bikes. Where the hell is he going and where does he get those bikes and how come the cops aren't suspicious?

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