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Our landlords take great care of our place. They replace our light bulbs/appliances and they do yard work constantly. They particularly enjoy keeping our front yard and sidewalk clean. They'll bring out the leaf blower several times a day. Mark told me how they were out in the dark blowing leaves off of the sidewalk. The result is beautiful:

While waiting at the bus stop across the street though, I realized where they all go. Across the street. In large piles. Isn't this illegal?


It might be illegal, but it isn't in east town where everyone blows their leaves into the street. Which is unslightly and dangerous, luckily they have that helmet ordinance to save bike riders from a leafy death.

I did a lot of leaf raking this weekend, it's fun!

Remind me to tell you about my dream you were in.

kyle, that's east grand rapids, dog. not eastown.

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