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10 Things You Should Know About George Takei

1. His real name is Hosato Takei. Takei is pronounced /tuh-KAY/ not /tuh-KAI/. Gene Roddenberry accidently pronounced it /tuh-KAI/, which, in Japanese, means "expensive". Roddenberry remembered that it rhymes with "OK".


3. Takei co-wrote "Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe" with Robert Asprin. Amazon reviews say,

"A ripping good yarn, combining the irony of Robert Asprin with the first attempts of George Takei."

"If they made a movie of this book, they would probably re-title it 'Ninja in Space'."

4. Takei's favorite Star Trek episode was "The Naked Time". Understandably so...

episode guide with link to video

5. Soundboard! (His laughs are hilarious. I remember hearing them Howard Stern)

6. Takei believed that William Shatner was personally responsible for Mr. Sulu's slow rank advancement in the fictional Starfleet.

7. During World War II, Takei grew up in internment camps for Americans of Japanese descent in Arkansas and northern California.

8. On October 28, Takei "came out" as a homosexual to Frontiers magazine. Though many knew before and he never hid it, saying, "It's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen."

In a review of his 1995 autobiography To the Stars, an Amazon reviewer wrote in September of 2003

"What stood out to me the most is the lack of love in this book. George never mentions getting married or wanting to get married. He never mentions going out on dates. He never mentions going to his high school prom. He never says he was too busy for a love life. He mentions that other Star Trek actors and other relatives are married, but he never says anything about himself. Surely a famous actor would get lots of invitations for romance. Thus, this book begs the question of Mr. Takei's sexual orientation."

9. Takei was on the board of directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District and while involved in Arts in Transit he ensured that each subway station had its own look to foster neighborhood pride.

10. Takei did English dubbing for The Return of Godzilla in 1955.


Thanks For All That!

Now I Know.

Will this be a series? 10 Things You Should Know About...

It should be.


up next, "ten things you should know about George Wietor"!!!

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