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It's also my dad's birthday

Things I am thankful for (the best non-Quizzilla, etc. meme):

· Mad Money with Jim Cramer
· Baboo, my new Nintendog (impulse purchased forced upon me by that vile Best Buy sales offense Jenny)
· Manny Santos
· Landlords who are avid leaf/snow blowers
· Vegetarian Stove Top (stuffing)
· Michael Showalter
· The Rapid
· WiFi
· The color brown
· Sangria
· My dad's latest joke:

So I got a letter in the mail the other day. All it said for the address was "Dumb Sonofabitch, Marne, MI". Now, I don't have any problem being called a dumb sonofabitch, but it really hurts that the postman knew who to deliver it to.

· You!

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