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Mr. Aragon

There's a History professor whose office is right before the stairwell on my way to the lab. I like the sound and rhythm of his name. The past few days I've been chanting it softly as I walk by and adding rhymes.

Daniel Aragon
is the paragon,
eating tarragon
on his snapdragon.

(This snapdragon, by the way, isn't the flower. It's a dragon that is very ferocious yet sweet-smelling. It's also pronounced SNAP-dra-gon and the accent is the same as paragon.)


I'm in MAK at work right now, when I get out I'm going to look for it. You should leave a note on his door that says that poem.

I walked by it after work, I didn't see a note. Maybe the not should just have a link to your blog written on it.

I don't need any more people of authority knowing I have a blog. But I should put the note up.


I was playing with myspace and sent an invitation to my entire gmail contact list. This includes most of my current professors who have sent mass emails.

uh oh.

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