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No sex in the shrineroom

My camera is here. I told UPS to reroute my package from my parents' house to work but on Monday UPS forgot to check "reroutes" and didn't deliver until today. In the end I was probably only screwed $25 and 2 weeks, when the camera would actually have cost about $40 from a store. I won't complain. Besides, it takes nice video.

Last Saturday, Guillaume de Terre had his saintly debut at 555 studio. He couldn't attend, but we did get pictures from the event.

Here is a table offering buttons, shirts, prayer cards and a petition.

Megan found Guillaume orange artifacts.

She put this shrine in the bathroom.

Later it was reported that a couple had sex in Guillaume's shrine. That is fantastic.


how do i get a shirt?

i'll be buying some this weekend.

man! Please explain this. I looked at the 555 website and saw that a woman I know was somehow involved in this. Who? What? When? Where? Why? and how!

Did they use the image as a common piece throughout the show or something?

This is pretty great.

What were those two passport size mugshot photos on your desk? Are you making a fake passport for Guillaume too?

tell me who you know and i'll find out. i think they're just u of m students/faculty for the most part.

those passport pictures are for my application to teach in france (home of guillaume).

I meant explain the whole thing. I looked back at my comment and I realized that it was very unclear.

Marybeth Witte is my homegirl.

wow! i've been to marybeth's house. she's been to mine. she's friends/roommates with megan who's done all the guillaume stuff. from what megan told me, a group of umich artists (i thought a class originally) put their stuff in a gallery there. i'm guessing you saw it, but the site says

We hope to dispel stereotypes about what is 'women's art,' further, to question the need for the term; 'women artists.' Can we can finally drop this qualifier and just be artists?"

oh yeah, i just remembered that marybeth is from g.r.

i don't remember what marybeth's project/theme was, but megan has been working with saints this semester. she put veneration for sale on ebay (the class she did this for has a site: ) and i won the auction as guillaume de terre. so she's sent letters to the vatican petitioning his sainthood. she's written a prayer to him, made the art you can see and photographed herself praying as evidence/proof of purchase.

i think that's absolutely everything i know.

wow. nice.

Marybeth is cool. How much did you pay for your own personal vatican lobbyist?

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