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I just got a donation from a professor. She's great. So she shakes my hand and leans in for a hug, so now it's a shake-hug and I panic. And since she's European/Tunisian I think she's doing the cheek-kiss thing so I kiss her on the cheek but she does nothing. I panic. She leaves and we say ciao. I'm socially inept.




Your brave though, I would never ever kiss someone I don't know on the cheek. I would just turn red and give an awkward hug.

(was it khedija? she's awesome!)

i'll just say that it was someone awesome.


that's funny how that story came out just a week after i ordered mine. the valuable thing i learned: before buying something online from an unknown vendor, google "company name" "scam".

i have literally done the handshake hug dance about 30 times in that past week, i almost enjoy it more. i decided though from now on i am just going to go for the make out,,, right away.

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