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Holiday parties...

While I wait for "Trend Micro" to do a deep scan of our server (a virus has been found! and has taken away access to off-campus users), let me show you (please!) some pictures I've taken in the past...few weeks.

Warning! This clown will f you up if you don't lick up the peanut butter.

While waiting for my sandwich at Jimmy John's I noticed a pile of...oregano?

Guillaume shirts have been printed. Give me a blank t and I'll get someone to transform it.

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1. Have you been working out. mr. tiny-top?
2. What is up with "Tacky Sweater" parties? I had never heard of them before this year and then this year I've heard about like 4.
3. Did Mark kind of mess up the group picture idea by not staying in the same position?
2. Will you make some George Takei audio clips available to your friends?
1. Why do I feel like that last picture is going to be a central part of your story? See, you and matt trained together but he's gonna give into the dark side and go for cheap laughs and big bucks. People will be down at first, but then they will start to realize that dumb jokes are boring, repetitious and not really funny. Soon there is no hilarity and then the Alliance of Unfunny Comedy Entertainers (Fuck a Funny Acronym)rule the world's comedic media. John stewart is assasinated, no dies in a bitter battle with Jay Mohr, signaling a long dark winter of no laughs. Thankfully, a small but witty group of underground comedians work tirelessly to bring smiles back to faces and put laughs back into bellies. Tragically, You and Matt will have to have a joke-off battle in which you will win an important battle in the war for funny. As you embrace your fallen peer, he tells you the funniest joke of all time with his last breath. His joke, and your laughter become the anthem of the revolution.

i don't know... i see kevin selling out first.

yes, i ruined it.

yeah, he ruined it.
no, i'd sell out first.
no, i've been bulking up.

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