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No more 403s

Let me tell you what.

· I'm growing my hair out.
· I dreamt that I taught a penguin how to drive.

· I am growing a spine this year. My project this month is to apologize to my high school band director for quitting the 2nd semester of my senior year without telling him. I haven't spoken to him since I left band by leaving my instrument, uniform and music on my chair 6 years ago. I have had nightmares in which he finds me and I run away from him- always waking up before the confrontation.

After discussing some general problems I have in life, Matt and I decided that I need to talk to this man so that I can move forward. (Alexis and I saw him when we attended my high school's talent show a couple years ago and she jokingly said that she was going to say hi to him. So, I hid in the bathroom near the auditorium for 10 minutes.)

· I saw the bean at Millennium Park on New Year's...obstructed.

I got close to it.


what did they install beneath the shiny 'bean'? it would seem an obvious if horrible location for a giftshop.

i don't know. the south side of it had some hideous scaffolding and other bs next to it too. the last time i tried to see the bean, it was completely covered. woe is me.

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