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The Timmer, version 1.0!

Anthony gave me his mom's guillotine. We played with it at Greg's 25th birthday party. I cut summer sausage, carrots, dog treats, Violet Crumble, French bread, bananas and a Barbie.

And I have version 1.0 of the The Timmer working.

Soon I'm hoping for a Scrabble/crossword search cheater, clickable definitions/links to google/wikipedia/ and making it searchable by pronunciation, part of speech, # of syllables, lexical context and in multiple languages.


man, impressive. It must feel pretty awesome to have accomplished something you've been wantint to do for a long while. especially some as involved as this. congrats.

i can't really take credit for it. i'm having sckot do the work. i just tell him what i want. but yeah, it feels awesome having someone else accomplish something i've been wanting for a long while.

It is kind of like the GVSU people finder to the next level. Have you put it to good use yet?

wow, i didn't know what you were talking about at first, but now i see. i guess you're kind of right. i've never used features other than "begins with" for the gvsu directory. but yes, it's a bit like that. i've put it to marginal good use. i created a list of words whose only vowel is "e". i wish i could have had that 2 years ago when writing those postcards.

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