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iPods are the reason I like my job

Last summer two French professors got a grant for 60 iPods to use in their French 202 (the last basic French course) classes. Their plan was to put French music on the iPods and have students listen to 2 songs per week, learn the lyrics and take quizzes based on the actual lyrics and their context. They also wanted the students to give presentations on Francophone artists as well as record podcasts. Groups of students will create a radio show with music purchased from and perform mock interviews, give the weather and talk about the news.

Our department ordered the 4th generation iPod, but a few weeks later were told they were out and we had to order the iPod Photo and choose between the 30 gb and 60 gb model. We took the 60 gb one. They arrived in the fall and were quickly obsolete with the release of the iPod Video. I got an iPod to test for a semester before the classes started in January.

We gave 37 iPods away yesterday- there weren't 60 students signed up. A reporter from the Lanthorn came in and took pictures and interviewed people. David and I showed them the basics of operating it as well as the bonuses we put on.

Before giving them out, I learned that iPods use basic html. So, with some nudging from Pod2Go, I imported 48 songs and lyrics. Now, a student can select Lyrics, under Notes, and choose a song then read the lyrics as the song plays. We also created "flashcards" for the 12 chapters of the book they're using. A French student found pictures describing 50 words per chapter and recorded herself saying the words. Now a slideshow displays the pictures that accompany her audio track.

After loading the 650 mb of music, pictures and lyrics (60 gb seems like such a waste...), I took 9 iPods home for the weekend to charge, as there wasn't enough room in David's office. So, he charged up 26.

Now I have empty nest syndrome. And I'm finding out that iPods first used on a Mac can't be used on a PC. But iPods first used on a PC can go back and forth between Mac and PC forever after.


Fire hazard!

So do you have to go re-do those mac iPods or are they done for good?

my second gen ipod was first used on a mac, and then reformatted for a pc. it worked fine on both. until i dropped the little dude.

he got it cleared with facilities. and the iPods aren't done for good. i'm recommending that the students re-format the iPods on their own and then come back to us to add everything.

There's something about George referring to his ipod as "the little dude" that is really adorable.

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