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Thank you, GR

I've done enough bad things here to stay long. I don't feel good about who I've been in the past year and a half. But I feel optimistic about the future. I've re-aligned my priorities and am excited about sorting myself out for the future. I won't forget or expect others ever to forgive me for certain things. I just hate the feeling of hearing every few months about someone else hating me. I've had fun in Grand Rapids, but I do believe this is my last winter here. I need to figure out what I want to do, where I want to go and figure out where that puts my home. Too many people decide on where their home is before they decide on the other things. And it seems like too many people are hurt by life transitions and moving away. I really wish I could have made my growing up/schooling coincide better with...relationships. I'm too selfish and I failed in ways I tried not to. No use regretting it. I'll have to make the most of this time.

I got a letter from Blake's family in Australia a little after New Year's. It really got me. I've been placing value on the wrong things and...values. I'm really trying to fix that.

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